DARQ Esculap

DARQ Technologies State Generators in Esculap applications.
The DARQ Esculap technology serves as the foundation for constructing new DARQ Esculap generators. This technology comprises four basic elements, represented by the acronym DARQ: Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Holo Reality (HR), and Quantum Technology (QT). The purpose of these generators is to be used in the broadly understood therapy for people. Hence, the name Esculap, which represents an attempt to support the process of building the inner human personality, called Homo Quanticum. This work is funded by the private institute PINS Spinon

ESA, short for Esculap, data flow to and from DARQ Esculap Generators.

Data related to health is collected from different areas and stored in decentralized databases which are used in the generators. These databases then transfer the data to ESA Esculap smart chains in a secure and memory-like manner. The areas from where data is collected include health history, health conditions, anonymous personal metrics, diagnoses, prescriptions, visited clinics, IoT devices, schedules, health forecasts, sport activities, sickness management, alternative therapies, diets, supplements, social life, and health-related support and data. These data, while on DLT networks, are used in the in DARQ Esculap Genertors.